Ron gets his ideas and support and strength from people who live and work in Longmont.

We need new leadership. We need a new line-up on city council. Where can we find this leadership? Who has the needed knowledge, experience, and skills in the field for the at-large race for city council? Ron Gallegos has a new idea of an economic model based on tourism and based on our near location to Rocky Mountain National Park. He believes that Longmont can be more of a tourist destination rather than just a waypoint to the national park. The opportunity for this economic development is ready now. Tourism means activity. It means new restaurants, retail, and late night recreation opportunities. Conventions generate the need for food, travel, motel/hotel stays. A convention center will be a huge incentive to be in Longmont.

Ron has a vision that he can turned into a reality. Businesses that could develop around such a convention/performing arts center will be a huge boost to retail, commercial activity, and sales tax revenues. Taxes will be paid by visitors i.e. tourists and convention goers.

Mr. Gallegos was on the council that built the recreation, museum, and senior centers and the purchase of Standstone ranch. With a background in telecommunications, he was a key leader in creating our optical fiber network now known as NextLight. These achievements have had significant and positive impact for the people of Longmont.

If Ron is elected to council, we can expect his hard work towards achieving new goals, and less attention to small and minor distractions. Ron gets his ideas and support and strength from people who live and work in Longmont. I ask you to join me in voting for Ron Gallegos for Longmont City Council.

Todd Eichorn, Longmont Observer


Todd Eichorn, Longmont Observer