Ron Gallegos Is A Seasoned Business Professional.

Here we go again. It’s election time. All the candidates for city council will be taking positions. All will claim they support the efforts and needs of the small business community particularly downtown. They will bemoan the lack of parking, the affordability of rental space, the lack of retail choice. They will pretend to be interested in the causes and concerns of this corridor but they really are not. Instead they practice a double-speak of benign neglect. Words come out of their mouths but no real action ever follows. They’ll agree we are experiencing a parking crisis but still no parking garages; but no real concrete solutions; no course of action. The same said for the mid-block crossing situation. They will ring their hands and cry out Woe is me. They talk about the dangers of trying to cross in the middle of the block with traffic and compare it to a Spanish bullfight. But still no concrete action has take place on the issue of midblock crossing in twenty two years. And it’s been that long in terms of all the talk about parking garages downtown as well.

But to really be fair to the current incumbent and her challengers with exception of one they all lack any significant experience in managing, owning, directing or planning for business. They all with the exception of one have no skill set in this area. None has Fortune 500 Corporate experience. None have any significant experience in managing people, resources, projects, time lines or budgets with the exception of one. None with the exception one, have ever owned and managed their own small business and understanding needs and undertaking ever thing involved in running your own business, it plan, operation, marketing, and budget i.e. meeting a payroll for the business, its employees, and shareholder(s).

If that weren’t enough, none with the exception of one brings any appreciable real experience in municipal government to their quest for office. None have served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Transportation Advisory Board, Library, Museum, or Airport boards. None have had held any real leadership positions at the local, state or national levels save one. Somehow they feel they can be policy makers and leaders of a city with a budget in excess of three hundred and fifty million dollars but little or none municipal government experience much less any practical business know-how or experience; having been of the Board of Directors of the National League of Cities, Hispanic Locally Elected Officials Board of Directors, Colorado Municipal League Board of Directors, and the Longmont city council Ward III 1995-2000 and Board of Directors of the Longmont Area Economic Development Council 1997-1999.

No, my money is on the sole candidate who is a man with a plan and a vision for the future. Ron Gallegos is a seasoned business professional having both experience at the Fortune 500 Corporate level having been a line manager, product manager, process manager and project manager for what was U S West Communications-now Century Link. He managed a union shop with union employees. He managed his own six million dollar product line. He led technical teams of over 100 to delivered products designed for business clients. Mr. Gallegos has had the additional experience of owning and operating mortgage related finance and consulting firms as well as being an accomplish abstract artist.

He has a plan revitalizing downtown by way of a pedestrian mall, construction of needed parking/retail/condo garages, bypass at Airport Road, construction of Convention and Performing Arts center with a hotel complex and river-walk feature. He also has a plan for in-fill and affordable housing as well an economic plan using tourism as job creator for the community. When taking into consideration both his professional business and significant municipal government experience I can concluded there is only but one choice for the position of At Large position for the Longmont City Council namely; Ron Gallegos. He’s a man with Plan and a Vision for the Future. I urge you to vote Ron Gallegos for the At Large position for the Longmont City Council.

Tomas Perez, The Art Spot - Longmont


Tomas Perez, The Art Spot - Longmont