Former city councilman-1995-1999 is a candidate for the At Large position on the Longmont City Council.  Mr. Gallegos, a business and financial consultant, abstract and non-representational artist and owner of Conejos Fine Art Gallery, has lived in Longmont since 1985.



Gallegos was the former president of the Neighborhood Group Leaders Association, served on the Planning  Zoning Long-range Commission, Council liaison to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Transportation Advisory Board, Library Advisory Board, and Museum Advisory board.  He also served from 1997-1999 on the board of directors of the Longmont Economic Council, Board of Directors of Colorado Municipal League, Board of Directors National League of Cities Washington D.C. and Board of Directors Hispanic Locally Elected Officials- HELO Washington D.C. .



Gallegos was on the City Council that passed the bond for the building of the Recreation Center, Museum, and expansion of the Senior Center.  That council also purchased Sandstone Ranch, and established the fiber-optic backbone; what is now known as Next-Light.


Economic Development:

Mr. Gallegos believes and supports enhancing the economic and business activity of the community by building a new economic and business model based on tourism and tourism-related endeavors related to our natural location and location near Rocky Mountain National Park.  Specifically, through convention and travel-related tourism.


A Plan for Core Downtown Enhancement:

He will work to foster increased viability and activity in the core downtown area by way of a Comprehensive Master Plan for Usage and Parking downtown.  The end result should be the construction of much-needed parking structures-garages that can also serve as a hub for retail and commercial development.


Transportation Master-plan:

Gallegos believes that major transportation improvement can be achieved by using the existing Airport Road as a bypass through the city.  This can be accomplished by completing a link to Highway 66 by going around  Lake Macintosh in northwest Longmont.


Additional Cultural and Recreational Opportunities:

Gallegos supports the effort to build a convention-performance arts center.  He supports a location south of the St. Vrain River south of 1st ave.  He also supports the building of an additional recreation center at the Garden Acres Park location.


Supports Smart Growth Initiative:

He further supports Smart growth initiatives that include changes to the existing building codes to include more density, adjusting parking requirements, encouraging downtown core development that allows for and supports walk-ability.


Sustainability and Infrastructure:

Finally, he supports efforts to achieve sustainability through a thoughtful and balanced approach to building and infrastructure, economic vitality, protection of the natural environment, and the building of a solid, efficient, and clean transportation system.
We need to safeguard our air quality, water, and natural environment.